Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday: Focus Art

Next project: your "Focus Group" piece. Before next class, you have to come up with a questionnaire that you will present to five people, to determine the "ideal" piece of digital art which that group of people would like. The questionnaire should have at least 10 questions, though you could develop more if you feel that would help focus things in an interesting way. The five people you survey should form some sort of "community" -- however you want to define it. They could be members of a family, students at a school, patrons of a particular supermarket, members of a church. The type of community you decide upon may inform the nature of the questions themselves. Just to be super-obvious, if you're surveying the members of a church, a question might be: "Do you prefer religious figures in your art?"

If you want to look at the surveys Komar and Melamid thought up for their "Most Wanted Painting" project as a jumping-off point, the surveys and painting can be found at this site:

By Monday, you should have your questionnaire, and your surveys should be completed. Monday will be a work period for working on executing your focus group artwork -- it will be due at the beginning of the final, Monday May 11, at 11:30.

Also, for those of you who had your posters picked, here are the dates you should slot in. It would be good to have these by next class.

Cody: May 21 at Moody's
Logan: May 22 at Bite
Sam: May 30 at Moody's

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