Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Logo Assignment

You will each be making a grand total of 9 logo designs for your business competition company. I want you to use three approaches to the logo design, and each of these approaches should have 3 variations (for a total of 9 versions).

The approaches should be as follows:

1. A text-only design (3 different versions, using different fonts or typographical layouts). The text doesn't have to be uniform - you can have some letters larger than others and so on. There should also be some variations in terms of color.

2. A design that integrates the text with an image or abstract symbol (like the swoosh of the Nike logo). Again, I want to see three distinct versions -- using different images or symbols, different type treatments, etc.

3. A design where an image (or abstract shape) is the dominant (and perhaps the only) element of the design. Again, give three distinct versions.

At the bottom of your page, I want you to list the emotional, psychological, or "connotative" qualities you are trying to convey with your design decisions. Separate out the categories of font, color palette, and symbol. An example might be, in the case of a design for a logo for the underwater power generators:

Typeface: no capitals, rounded letterforms -- giving a sense of a small-scale, unintimidating, eco-friendly company.

Color palette: the use of blue connects to the idea of hydro-power, while the use of yellow is meant to convey energy, and electricity.

Symbols: The shape is meant to reference the shape of a wave, since the power is coming from a water source.

You may have to list out different properties for different designs, if your designs go aggressively in different directions.

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