Monday, February 28, 2011

Due Tuesday: a sketch for your poster design

For those who weren't in Thursday's class -- what's due at the beginning of class Tuesday is a sketch for your poster design. Please select one of the bands in the "Band Links" section of this blog (top right) -- listen to some of their tracks, and pick the one whose music gives you the most in the way of visual ideas. This sketch is an assignment unto itself, with its own grade. It doesn't have to be completely worked out, but I don't want you starting Tuesday's class with a totally blank slate -- Tuesday will be a work period for working on the posters. The size format for the posters will be 11"x17".

Also, for those who weren't in Thursday's class, there's one more detail for the poster designs: you're

going to be making a 2-color poster. Of course, by overprinting colors, and by using the white of the paper itself, you can make a 2-color poster look like it has more than two colors -- but you're restricted to two color plates. Here are some examples of 2-color posters:

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