Monday, April 4, 2011

Appropriated Footage, & Infographics Assignment

This Tuesday, we'll look at your completed "appropriated footage" project. Next up, we'll be doing a project based on Infographics.

By Thursday's class, I want you to have chosen what data you are going to turn into an infographic. Your treatment of the graphic can be whimsical, but the data must be real. The data can be useless and ridiculous -- it can be data that you yourself generate (for example, how many calories you consume in an average day could be data), but it must be real. Come prepared with a sketch suggesting your idea for visualizing your data.

Some infographics sites we'll dip into

Edward Tufte:

Visual Complexity:

The Infographics Blog:

GOOD Transparencies flickr archive:

Information Aesthetics:

Chad Hagen's Nonsense Infographics:

Places and Spaces (look at Ward Shelley's "History of Science Fiction"):

The Sequel Map:

Mega Shark infographic:

"Phase Anatomy":

Satellite Photos of Japan, before and after the quake:

RSA Animate: Drive

Toxie's Dead: Planet Money

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