Thursday, April 21, 2011


For the beginning of Tuesday's class, I want to see three worked-out sketches (three alternate versions) working out your visualization from the section of "From Dictatorship to Democracy" that you've been assigned. I want you to have at least three versions so you don't just get stuck on one visual idea -- and also, on Tuesday, when we look at all of your sketches, I'm hoping we might be able to cross-pollinate some of the visual ideas. I can see one concept being applicable to another concept, or perhaps there are "characters" for figures such as the dictator, the resister, etc., that could be applied across several of the ideas.

Here's the list of the sections (by number, corresponding to the numbering on the previous blog post), and who's doing what:

1: Brett
2. Jessica
3. Ethan B.
4. Ethan R.
5. E'Sha
6. Lane
7. Michele
8. Jasen
9. Keith
10. Trevor
11. Victor
12. Michael

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