Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Ad assignment


For next class, I'd like you to read/review a couple of articles about "the 12 Types of Advertisement" – as classified by creative director Donald Gunn, way back in 1978.

Here's a six-minute video about the 12 types:

And here's a transcript of that video, just for easier textual reference - it has some example ads embedded, although unfortunately a good chunk of the embed are no longer working (the ads are excerpted in the above video, anyway):

I want you to pick out one of this weekend's superbowl ads (you can google "superbowl ads" or see a selection here), embed it on this blog, and write which of the 12 ad types you think it is, giving supporting examples for your classification. Also, write whether you think it's an effective ad or not – and give your reasons. Please check in on this blog to see if the ad you're picking has already been taken.

For instructions on how to embed a youtube video on blogger, click here.

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