Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reading and assignment for next Monday's class

We'll continue with the logo design through next class period -- that will be the last in-class period to work on the logo designs. The 15 versions of the logo will be due at the beginning of class next Wednesday (a week from today). From there. we'll review the logos, pick out the most promising design(s), and work on refining those designs.

For next class, please read the article:

There Are 12 Kinds of Ads in the World, by Seth Stevenson (click open the slideshow on the linked page).

And before next class, please post to the blog an ad (it could be print or video), and write which of the 12 ad types you think it is, giving supporting examples for your classification.



    i think that this ad fits into the category of number 9- exaggerated graphic.
    I think this because the graphic is very exaggerated because they are breaking work equipment and risking their job for doritos...


    Of the 12 different types of ads, this particular one mostly associates itself with the "demo" format, because the ad gives you a visual demonstration of the products main feature which is the "one key recovery button" on the Lenovo laptop.