Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Katelyn Jensen
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29, January 2013
Smart logo

This logo is very effective.  The font and the color give off  futuristic qualities and care-free fun as well. 
The grey color against the white is what sets the more futuristic tone.  Whenever I see a movie that is suppose to be set in the future, the space is normally filled with grey and white for example:  the movie, In Time, is set in the future and of course  it has the stealthy grey and white color effect that  forshadows to the audience that this movie is futuristic.  Wii probably wanted to foreshadow this as well, because it began a whole new era for video games with a huge leap in improving interactivity.
The font style along with the actually name for Wii products gives me a feeling that this product is “fun.” The soft rounded lower case lettering seems less profession than straight boxy capitalized lettering.  This is a good thing because most of their target market is youthful gamers looking for a good time.  Pepsi recently used this same  method in trying to make their product more youthful.  They changed their lettering to all lower case and the font was changed by making it rounder and less formal, something that may psychologically appeal to a younger customer.

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