Thursday, February 7, 2013

Audi: instills Bravery
For superbowl 2013 audi produced a commercial ad that fit into the category of an exemplory story.  the writers of this ad chose to market the sylish luxury side of the audi product by creating a story of confidence and bravery.  the story starts off with a young man showing low self esteem due to the fact he must show up to prom alone. when it is revealed he can drive his father's audi there, his attitude quickly changes giving him a completely different outlook on the night due to the car's "cool" or "bad-ass" qualities as one may choose put it.gun says this category of commercial instills a story that makes the consumer happy they had the product in that situation.  in this case, having the audi, made the young man's night turn from embaressing to fantastically memorable.
-katelyn jensen

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